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Family DEntistry

Radiant Family Dentistry understands that proper oral hygiene is an essential part of your overall health and well-being. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is a lifelong investment for yourself and your family. We gladly welcome patients of all ages and offer a variation of services to suit all of your family's needs!

Dentistry for Kids 

Professional dental care is a crucial part of your child's oral health. Scheduling regular appointments allows us to monitor the development of their oral health. Developmental problems are easier to treat in the beginning stages.
As your child grows older, we can establish a strong foundation for their oral health, one that will ensure a lifetime of healthy, beautiful teeth.


Every day, plaque and oral bacteria build up in your mouth. For this reason, it is essential that you brush and floss your teeth daily. Yet, some areas of your mouth that are more difficult to clean. Even patients who follow a regular oral hygiene schedule, missing certain areas of your mouth on a regular basis can lead to serious issues. This is where dental cleanings come in. Radiant Family Dentistry recommends having a cleaning at least twice a year. They are designed for us to help you keep your teeth clean and preventing the development of oral health complications.


Exams are also an integral part of your oral care routine. They are recommended twice a year and are typically done in the same appointment as your cleanings and X-rays. Exams allow us to go over your mouth and see potential issues in your mouth in their earliest stages. In early detection, we can provide you with prompt treatment that aids in stopping the progress of any issues we find, preventing serious complications from arising.

Periodontal Care 

Your periodontal (gum) tissues are just as important as your teeth. Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States, and is an infection of the tissues that hold your teeth in place.  Periodontal disease is easy to prevent and treat if it is caught early enough. If we notice signs of advanced periodontal disease, we often recommend a scaling and root planing procedure. The goal is to return your gums to a pink, healthy state.


Having a beautiful smile can help you look and feel more confident. We offer traditional orthodontic care and Invisalign for patients of all ages.

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